Sunday, February 28, 2010

Rice Paper

I had been anxious to try Rice Paper in the super cute Linden Hills area of South Minneapolis. The decor was great and the walls were covered with a picture mural of a forest (see below), but the service and food were disappointing.

First of all, they were out of SEVERAL items! We tried to order an appetizer, out! I tried to order an entree, out! I was like...c'mon, you can't be running out of everything?! I ended up settling on the Curry Plate with Ruby/Jade Salad (wide rice noodles in a rich, deep peanut-curry sauce. Served with a red and green cabbage salad with coriander tossed in peanut-curry dressing) because the waitress said it was the spiciest thing on the menu. She described it as crazy-hot. Well, listen here, little lady, you obviously have either a) never tasted the food here or b) never had a spicy meal! It was barely spicy and this "rich, deep peanut-curry sauce" was pretty much flavor-less. Boring with a capital B!!

My dining companion enjoyed the Rice Paper Rice Plate, which he said was just fine. The decor was so cute that I had such high hopes...

As we finished our meal at the Asian Fusion restaurant, I asked the hostess/water girl if they had any fortune cookies and she snottily replied that "fortune cookies are for Chinese restaurants and this was Asian Fusion." I was so annoyed with her attitude (BTW pretty much every Asian restaurant has some type of fortune cookie!!!) that I almost said "yeah and usually when you order spicy food at an Asian Fusion's actually spicy!"

Decor: sooo cute
Price: above average ($13-$18)
Spice level: Boring

For more information:

Rice Paper
2726 W 43rd St
Minneapolis, MN 55410

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  1. I totally agree. I went to Rice Paper a couple of years ago because of Dara Moskowitz's rave, rave, rave review of it in City Pages. While the place is cute, I cannot understand how it is so crowded at those prices! The food was exactly like something I could have whipped up out of odds and ends at home (and often do). So sad. Thrilled to find your blog so I can find some good places to go!