Friday, July 23, 2010

Sawatdee Express

After my most recent experience eating Thai food in the downtown skyway, I was a bit scared to try Sawatdee Express. My dining companion and I both ordered Pad Thai with chicken (they have quite a limited menu) and although it wasn't the best Pad Thai I've ever had, it was decent! I also had a spring roll, which was delicious and made me think of Sawatdee on Washington (definitely the best in their group) and my dining companion enjoyed cream cheese wontons.

The meals were quite expensive- over $10- for what we received, but I'll definitely be back to try their curry.

Decor: it's a closet in the skyway...
Price: average, but expensive for the skyway ($10-$15)
Spice level: definitely no spices added during cooking, but they provided them to add!

For more information:

Sawatdee Express
733 Marqutte Ave #211
Minneapolis, MN 55401

(in the Baker Building)

Sawatdee Express on Urbanspoon

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