Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Supatra's Thai Cuisine


Supatra's Thai Cuisine in St. Paul is outstanding. I sat on their patio tonight and enjoying limeade and Yellow Curry- spice level 4 (yellow curry simmered with dark meat chicken, coconut milk, roasted shallot, potato and green pumpkin). Although this dish could use more spice, the curry flavor was to die for. They green pumpkin had great flavor and the dish was served in a deep bowl, which kept everything soaking in the curry....I'm purring as I think about it! I also smiled when I saw the utensils, a fork and a large spoon- just how it should be!

My dining companion had Massamun Curry with chicken- spice level 4 (Thai spices, potatoes and peanuts). This dish was also amazing. Not too sweet, which I've found at some places....just the right amount of coconut milk. My friend is that type of girl that eats really healthy and never ever finishes her food, but she was close to licking the bowl!!

Supatra's atmosphere was nice too- loved the patio, use of color inside and the costumes that the servers wore. I am so excited to go back. Next time I'll see if they can do spice levels above the range on their menu. Is this place going to become a favorite? Only time will tell....two dishes is not enough information!

Oh and they have cooking classes....hmmm

Decor: inviting ambiance
Prices: average (meals $10- $20)
Spice level: average

More information:

Supatra's Thai Cuisine
967 W 7th Street
St. Paul, MN 55102


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