Wednesday, September 23, 2009

True Thai

True Thai, "Authentic Cuisine from the Golden Kingdom," had a home run with its appetizers. My dining companion and I tried two: Palace Style Wontons with tofu (Fried wontons hand tossed in a sassy sweet and tangy sauce, then drizzled with fiery sriracha sauce) and Fried Egg Rolls- Golden Kingdown Style (the best egg rolls in the world! <--obviously I had to see!) The egg rolls were very good, maybe not the best in the world, but definitely worth trying. The Palace Style Wontons were AMAZING- spicy and sweet and just full of flavor. A must have.

For a main course, I had Panang Curry with Shrimp- extra spicy. The flavor was great and the shrimp were delicious, but the curry was so thin and broth-like and I definitely prefer my curry to have a thicker consistency.

My companion had Stir-fried Sukiyaki Noodles with chicken (Look out Pad Thai – there's a new noodle dish in town! Silverthread noodles in a spicy Sukiyaki sauce with egg, white button mushrooms, red cabbage and green veggies). Although True Thai is one of her favorite spots, this dish was lacking that Thai punch of flavor we both love. It also came with rice...which was sort of odd. A noodle dish with a side of rice? Also, isn't Sukiyaki Japanese (I would know!) Hmmm...a bit curious!

Overall, it was a good meal...I just wish the appetizers would have been the main course. True Thai's new expanded restaurant is nice and features a variety of table sizes and booths. The service was notably slow, but did help me out when I forgot to ask for my dish extra spicy (regular spice level would have been absolutely tragic!).

Decor: Nice and spacious
Prices: average (meals $10- $20)
Spice level: they can make your throat burn (that's good!)

More information:

True Thai
2627 E. Franklin Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55408

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