Sunday, October 11, 2009

Roat Osha

I have been living in close proximity to Roat Osha for months. Every day as I arrive home from work, I am overpowered by the savory aroma of curry- it haunts me! After driving to Ban Thai in White Bear Lake and discovering it was closed (death in the family), my dining companion and I decided to go to Roat Osha for a visit (I hadn't been there since I started this blog).

We started our late dinner off by sharing a Green Papaya Salad- spice level 5 (Green papaya, carrots, cherry tomatoes, dried shrimp, lemon juice, roasted peanuts, long beans and Thai seasoning. Served with cucumber and a wedge of lettuce) . We rolled the salad up in the lettuce leaves to enjoy as lettuce wraps. It was scrumptious and quite spicy. A very good start to the meal and a solid first time enjoying this salad for my companion.

After that, we moved on the our main dishes. She ordered the Massamun Curry with chicken- spice level 5 (Massamun curry is a spectacular dish from the southern part of Thailand. This dish combines potatoes, onions, peanuts with your choice of meat). She orders this dish a lot! She really liked it- nice and thick sauce, but the 5 was not spicy....although our Papaya Salad was spicy?!

I ordered Mee Kah Teeh with chicken- spice level 6 (Red curry with rice noodles, egg, peanuts, garlic, and bean sauce. Served with bean sprouts, fried chilies, scallions, cilantro, and lime). The server poured the curry on the noodles in front of me- fun presentation! Roat Osha's spice levels are 1-5, but 5 never seems to be very hot, thus I ordered a 6. This dish was a little low on flavor and EXTREMELY low on spice. Maybe a 2?? Although Roat Osha generally does a good job with flavor, combinations, meat, and so on, they consistently have inconsistent spicy-ness and it's driving me crazy!!

Overall- a decent experience, but they need to get this spice thing figured out FAST!

Decor: Great- almost luxurious
Prices: average-high ($12-$20)
Spice level: who knows?! It's a guess!

More information:

Roat Osha
2650 Hennepin Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55408

no website! yeah...craziness!

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  1. as the dining companion to this post, I would like to add that while the spice level of my massaman was completely lacking, the service was great. On the downside...Roat Osha has no website, which is a huge negative.

    Hey Sukie, and word on the thai fortune cookies? authentic or not?

  2. Hey lady!

    I did discover a website that sells Thong Tham Nai (Thai Fortune Rolls). They say that it is part of a royal tradition of desserts...not sure if that means that the rolls are traditional or based on a tradition of eating dessert?