Saturday, November 14, 2009

Jasmine Orchid

Today I sat in traffic on the U of M campus ALL day because I accidentally decided to drop my sister off at the exact time that the Gopher game ended....yuck! Traffic did give me time to notice Jasmine Orchid, a Vietnamese and Thai restaurant in Stadium Village. After lots of errands (shopping!), I returned to campus (Gopher-free) to get take-out.

For dinner, I decided to try Tom Kha with steamed tofu (an exotic and spicy coconut soup with choice of meat or seafood, lemongrass, galanga and dry chili). I read an article about the health benefits of yellow curry today, but tonight really felt like tonight was a soup night! I was truly impressed. This place is a little bit of a dive, but the Tom Kha was savory and delicious. I asked for extra vegetables and they obliged thoroughly.

As I waited for take-out, I watched tons of delicious curry and noodle dishes go by- I can't wait to try something else!

Decor: It's in a strip mall...
Price: average ($10-15)
Spice: Good!

For more information:

Jasmine Orchid
304 Oak Street
Minneapolis, MN

Orchid Cafe on Urbanspoon

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