Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Pad Thai Restaurant

What a gem!

No website and I'd never heard of it until I saw it on Urbanspoon....but wow, Pad Thai Restaurant in St. Paul rocked! The place was extremely busy for a Wednesday night, which made us excited to go in! My dining companion and I started with Fresh Spring Rolls (The best spring roll. Stuffed with fresh variety vegetables vermicelli noodle, with shrimp and roast pork. Served with delicious sauce). They definitely tasted fresh and the peanut sauce was scrumptious.

Even though my dining companion is obsessed with Pad Thai and the restaurant was called Pad Thai Restaurant, she decided to stray and tried Panang Curry with chicken (sauteed with basil and keffir leave with panang cocount curry sauce served with sweet pepper/broccoli), which was great. It had a really rich flavor and the vegetables looked amazing. She was very happy with her choice!

I ordered the first thing I read on the specials menu, Khao Pad Khiao Wan- Green Curry Fried Rice (combination shrimp, pork, chicken fried rice with pea, green bean, onion, sweet pepper, basil and coconut green curry sauce), which was absolutely delightful! It had endless flavor with a good amount of heat (I ordered a 3 of 4) and the three types of meat were all very tasty with the green curry. I was also impressed that the green beans were cooked to perfection- often they are overcooked at Thai restaurants.

After Sunday's dessert fiasco, I wanted to try again! Mango is back in season (thank the heavens) and so we ordered Mangoes with Sticky Rice, which is such an amazing combination of different types of "sweet" between sticky rice, mangoes and coconut milk. I could eat their Mangoes and Sticky Rice dessert every day!!

I cannot wait to go back here....I can't believe that I had never heard of it. It's right off of 94....oh and the service was PERFECT!!

Decor: comfortable and chic
Prices: average ($10-15)
Spice level: great!

More information:

Pad Thai Restaurant
1681 Grand Ave
St Paul, MN 55103

Pad Thai Grand Cafe on Urbanspoon

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