Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hong Thai- Rogers

I was enthused on the trek out to Rogers, but even more excited when we couldn't figure out where it was and after calling a husky man answered the phone and called me "hon" as he provided directions.

Before we ordered, our server (the husky man) asked us if we were familiar with Thai food (we were quite a distance from the big cities!) and offered to help us. He asked us how we found out about the restaurant and when I said Urbanspoon, he hadn't heard of it (!). I told him that I'd been to the other location in Albertville and in fact updated all of their info online. With that, he gave me a side hug!

To start, we ordered Fried Tofu with special sauce (my dining companion was quite drawn to the special sauce concept). The tofu was good, but nothing too thrilling and the sauce was quite tame.

For dinner, my dining companion ordered Hot and Spicy Lemongrass with beef (your choice of meat sauteed with lemongrass and onion, bamboo shoot in spicy sauce), which the waiter informed us was a good choice because bamboo was high in iron and low in calories. We loved him! It was quite a good dish flavor-wise, although not very spicy and a touch too salty.

I ordered Spicy Fried Rice with Basil with chicken (fried rice with spicy garlic sauce, basil, onion, bell pepper and scallions). I ordered a 4/5, but would definitely suggest getting a 5 for spice! It was by far the most flavorful fried rice dish I have EVER had. I was truly impressed- so delicious!!

Overall, this was quite a memorable dinner, partially because we talked about the funniest/weirdest stuff, partially because of the mountain-man waiter (loved it) and lastly because the food was surprisingly delish!


Decor: fine
Price: normal ($10-15)
Spice level: pretty good, order on the higher side

For more information:

21301 County Road 81
Rogers, MN 55374


Hong Thai Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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