Tuesday, January 19, 2010


To end Monday on a high note, I headed out to Mongkok in Shoreview. Restaurants with Thai, Chinese AND Japanese (including sushi) now scare me a little. Would there really be Thai food??

Yes! To start we had some eggs rolls, which were fine, nothing that blew me away. My dining companion ordered Pad Thai with chicken- medium spicy. It was surprisingly delicious and had a bit of a sweet flavor to it. It wasn't my all-time favorite, but she loved it!

On my drive there, I had already decided that I would order Yellow Curry if they had it since I hadn't had it in ages...okay a month maybe? The yellow curry with tofu was quite good and had a nice spice to it, but I couldn't quite come to terms with the potatoes. They weren't normal Thai potatoes that are cut into roughly 1-2 inch cubes, but instead they were like french fries, but not fried! They were cooked well and tasted delicious, but it just felt bizarre to eat fries with my curry....I also would like more than 3 bites of tofu next time!

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised with Mongkok and will be back!

Decor: fine
Price: normal ($10-15)
Spice level: not super spicy, but good

For more information:

3594 Owasso Street
Shoreview, MN 55126

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  1. Nice review - According to a sign posted on the door Mongkok is closing March 14th - The strip mall they are in is to be torn down.